Sail the nile like royalty

The DongolaThe Giraffa


To make the trip you could, of course, choose one of the ordinary cruise boats or even a newly built version of a traditional small boat the Egyptians call “dahabeya”  (The Golden boat ). Or you can make the trip extraordinary and truly historic by sailing with us on one of the two original dahabeyas which have the richest histories of any ship sailing the Nile today.

experience royalty

Sail down the Nile with us on the Dongola or Giraffa and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Built more than a century ago when kings and queens sailed the Nile, these dahabeyas have been lovingly restored to their original beauty and luxurious comfort.

Relax in the nostalgic atmosphere and modern comfort of the dahabeya, the royal service, the luxury of exploring the Nile in magnificent splendor, enjoying the gentle winds, the wildlife and natural beauty that surrounds you, the spectacular ancient sights along the way and the mesmerizing beauty of the Nile itself. 

Please come join us on the Dongola or the Giraffa for an extraordinary sail through history.