Traveling the Nile on the Dongola or the Giraffa

Because of the flexibility that both legendary sailing boats have in where and when to dock, we are able to accommodate most requests to tailor your voyage to fit your interests.  The size of the dahabeya also allows for a more leisurely voyage than the larger ships.


While a typical itinerary for the Luxor-Aswan voyage is 7 nights,  often passengers opt for an 8-9 night voyage, which allows them a more extensive visit of Thebes monuments and tombs at the beginning of the trip, after boarding the Dongola or the Giraffa.


We have also accommodated clients who wished to visit Dendera, north of Luxor before returning to Luxor and traveling south.


Embarkation  is usually from 1pm to 3pm, although we can adjust the timing to accommodate the arrival of your flight to Luxor, or other planned activities for the day.


Suggested Itinerary 


Day 1: Embarking in Luxor   

Check-in on board of your Dahabeya and a welcome lunch.  After lunch, our visit will start in front of the famous Colossi of Memnon, which originally stood at the entrance of the gigantic mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, one of the greatest pharaohs of the XVIII dynasty.     

 We will then visit the impressive mortuary temple built by Ramses III during the New Kingdom in Medinet Habu.  The temple is considered the best preserved monument on the West bank of Thebes. Dinner on the boat   

Day 2: Luxor    


Early morning we will go to the Valley of the Queens to visit the most beautiful tomb of Nefertari, the great royal wife of Ramses II. We will then go tot the valley of the Kings to visit three of the most beautiful royal tombs, those of Ramses  III, Ramses IV and Ramses  V.  

On the way back to the boat, we will stop and visit the funerary temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el Bahari.   

Lunch on board after which, we will cross the Nile by motorboat to visit the Karnak Temple, one of the largest conglomeration of religious building dedicated to the God Amon  and a short visit to the Temple of Luxor.    

Once on board, we will start sailing to Esna, arriving in the evening.  Dinner on board  


Day 3: Esna and Edfu  


In the morning, we will visit the Temple of Esna, situated in the city center. Dated from the Greco-Roman period, the temple is dedicated  to the god Khnum. We will cross the bazar and reach our boat on the Nile.  Lunch while sailing to Edfu, where will arrive in the evening. Dinner on board along an island near Edfu 

Day  4: Edfu and Gebel El Silsila    

In the morning, departure in a carriage to visit the Temple of Edfu, dedicated to Horus. Dating from the Ptolemic period, it is  one of the best preserved temples. We will start sailing in the afternoon towards Gebel El Silsila, where we will spend the night. 

Day 5: El Silsila and Kom Ombo   

In the morning, visit the huge sandstone quarry of El Silsila, where most stones used in building temples across Upper Egypt came from. Then we will visit the small hemi-speos temple of Horemheb, last ruler of the XVIII dynasty.  We will then sail to visit the charming temple of Kom Ombo, dating back to the greco-roman era. 

We will then sail for a short period to arrive at the island of Herdiab, where will spend the night on board after a dinner on the ground around a fire.  

Day 6: Herdiab – Aswan  

In the morning, departure by car to Daraw, to visit one of the most important camel markets. Back on board, we will sail to Aswan, arriving in the early afternoon.  After a tour of the souk of Aswan, we will enjoy the sunset from the terrace of the legendary “Old Cataract” hotel. Dinner and overnight on board.    

Day 7: Visiting  Aswan   

In the morning, departure by car to visit the Temple of Philae, dating from the Greco Roman period and dedicated to the goddess Isis. 

On the way back, we will visit the granite quarry where the unfinished Obelisk stands. After lunch, we will go for a felucca ride on the Nile around Elephantine Island, observe the small temple dating from the Greco-Roman period and dedicated to the god Khnum, around Kitchener Island and its beautiful botanical garden. Back to the boat for dinner

Day 8: Aswan  

 Disembark your Dahabeya after breakfast and transfer to your next destination.